Couples Therapy

'All true life lies in encounter.'
~ Martin Buber

A conscious relationship is a big challenge for both partners because it demands - and provides you with - personal growth. Being together brings up emotions and behavior patterns, which need the close attention of both partners in order not to get stuck and not to have a wall mount up between them.

I feel deeply touched when people allow each other to be truly connected. I know first-hand how a relationship can fail, and how marriage can break. Couples therapy was a substantial help for me to learn how they can work out and be successful.

I consider three aspects to be essential for a relationship to work out:

• to grasp small and big crisis as a chance to deepen the relationship
• to deeply understand one's own patterns in relationship as well the our partner's, i.o. to be able to break up the power struggle and sabotage, and come back into a loving and respectful connection
• to know precisely how constructive dialogue can be accomplished.
I regard couples therapy as a kind of coaching, which helps both partners to learn how to live love by

• leaving behind rigid role patterns as well as dissatisfying matters which one takes for granted
• seeing each other more clearly and to learn how to avoid personal hurt
• reaching agreements how to deal adequately with 'difficult' feelings and tensions which do come up in every relationship
• working at preventing a wall or a chasm to come up between them
• keeping alive their love and to - possibly - deepen it,
• live a fulfilled sexual life.

Needless to say, I also attend couples

• who wish to check with each other whether they want to stay together or not
• for those who have made up their mind to separate and who seek mediation in order to part as smoothly as possible
• for those who bring up specific issues such as sexuality, loyalty/affairs, addiction, dependence, traumatic life events, and others.

In order to fulfill our deepest desires in a relationship both partners are called upon to view and understand each other anew every moment. Intimacy is grounded in the willingness to constantly break up the power struggle and other patterns that lead to escalation or dilemma.

In couple therapy I guide and support you to relate to each other successfully. My offer is to firmly stand by your side, when you master the inevitable challenges of your relationship together, confidently and open-heartedly. While you reach higher and higher levels of competence and mastery, you grow an ever deeper connection to your partner, and mature as an individual at the same time.

I like to combine the methods of Imago Relationship Therapy, Tikkun Couple Coaching, and Systemic Psychotherapy. On certain occasions I incorporate elements of body therapy, or aspects of Integral Human Design, in the process.

My clients value my mindful and appreciative style of working with them. They also regard highly that I have decades of work experience, and tend to bring things to the point rather quickly.

In couple therapy I work preferably with an 'open end' time frame, in order to provide enough space for you to reach your goals in every session.

Since many years I offer Skype / video conference sessions in English for couples who live too far away to come to my office.

'Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.' ~ Rumi

It is very important for me personally to live in a true and vibrant relationship. From the lived love with my wife, I regain the strength, depth and enthusiasm for my work.

Basic information re. work approach, time frame, fees, address, directions etc. you can find here
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