Integral Human Design

Every coach and therapist works from a specific concept of the nature of human beings. This image of humanity considerably shapes the way of working and the achievable results.
Integral Human Design (IHD) comprises current research findings, and combines them as best as possible to a comprehensive theory of the nature of human beings. IHD for the main part is a help for coaches and therapists to keep their world view and image of humanity as open and all-encompassing as possible, in order to optimally support their clients.

We can compare our human ‘Design’ with the hard-wiring and the operating system of a computer. It sets the what is possible, and how things are processed. Therefore I think it is essential to ground our work in therapy and coaching as best as possible in a comprehensive view of the human 'operating system'.

Our 'design' includes many different structures, and all of them co-determine how we 'tick'. These structures are found both in the physical realm and in the realm of consciousness. Some are relatively unalterable, some are subject of constant change.
A simple example: When we do appropriate physical training, we change structures in our muscular system and our cardiovascular system. Over time we develop more strength, endurance, and flexibility. What we don't change through exercise though, is the length of your bones.

Therapy and Coaching is a lot about change. However, not everything is malleable, or susceptible of change. Some steps are feasible for us, some are too big, or unrealistic. We rely on comprehensive knowledge of our human design, if we want to support constructive change precisely where change is possible, and support personal growth in a way that matches our given structures. Staying with our example of the physical level, there are better ways to increase flexibility than the attempt to bend bones.

Some of our difficulties arise if we consider qualities, which we can neither influence nor change, as 'problems'. Or, if we judge ourselves for aspects of and habits within ourselves which are part of a given natural dynamics. Difficulties also arise when we compare ourselves with others and conform, although we are deeply unique and exceptional.

I use Integral Theory to orient myself in the vast landscape of human design. 'Integral' means comprehensive, inclusive, balanced, not leaving anything out. From an integral perspective, we can differentiate five dimensions in the structure of human experience. All of them are essential in personal growth and unfolding your potential.

• Levels - Growing Up and Getting Altitude - the developmental stages of consciousness, manifesting as world views that are wider and deeper and more inclusive on each new level
• Lines - Unfolding Potentials and Acquiring Skills - developmental lines, or intelligences which can be exercised or trained, e.g. cognitive, intrapersonal, interpersonal, somatic, moral, social, ethical, emotional, spiritual, .... intelligence
States - Waking up and Expanding Vantage Points - states of consciousness and their corresponding vantage points, e.g. waking, sleep, dream, flow, unity, ...
• Quadrants - Opening Up and Including Perspectives - the four primary perspectives through which we apprehend our reality, formed by the two polarities interior / exterior and individual / collective,
• Types - Facets of Unity, and the Gifts and Challenges of Differentiation - types of human beings and their inherent characteristics, e.g. female / male, body- and personality types, e.g. 4 temperaments, Enneagram, ...

• Self - Important for the practical work in coaching and therapy is the fact that we all develop a 'self'. The 'self' is an highly complex inner process with its own patterns and characteristics, with conscious and unconscious aspects, with various thought forms, fears and shadows, etc. The 'self' is the realm of willpower (intention) and integrity. It continuously integrates all life experience into a unified sense of 'I', which we then identify with. This 'self' is the center of our work in therapy and coaching sessions, as it offers the space and possibility for Cleaning Up, Integration, Balance, and Intentionality. When the 'self' is well developed, it helps us to navigate well in the flow of life .

By inclusion of all these dimensions, IHD offers multi-dimensional guidance for contemplation of what goes on and what is relevant in our lives. The directions include the many themes and developmental possibilities of a human being which play a role in therapy and coaching.

It goes beyond the scope of this website to describe the Integral Approach in full detail. You can find various introductions to Integral Theory on the web, e.g. here

One partial aspect of IHD are the personal evaluations which display one of these five dimensions - the type - in an unusual and differentiated way. To display your type and your specific growth themes and possibilities for influence, or your scope for design if we look at life as an art, I use a tool matured from the Human Design System (HDS). It uses a calculation based on your birth details (date, time and place of birth), and allows for a differentiated analysis of your personal imprint and a specific developmental sequence.
You find examples of such IHD Evaluations here. To order your personal IHD Evaluations, please proceed here.
Through the Evaluations, which offer an radically new access to the type dimension of human design, IHD provides a comprehensive map with helpful hints to the imprint we are born with, and the corresponding challenges in our personal growth.

My professional requirement to have the most comprehensive map for human growth and conscious evolution currently available at my disposal, has lead me - in close collaboration with my wife Laura - to the Integral Approach and to the development of IntegralHumanDesign (IHD). In the ongoing evolution of IHD we integrate decades of experience with therapy (healing), coaching (support), and personal development (growth).

To sum up, I can say that by including all six dimensions of our human 'operating system', IHD offers
• a multi-dimensional mind map that can guide our contemplation of the many themes and developmental possibilities that matter in your therapy or coaching process, and furthermore
• in the form of IHD Evaluations a comprehensive personal map, full of pointers to the type of person you are - your imprint and associated challenges you are born with.


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