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In complex situations or projects it is sometimes difficult to keep the overview and to stay in contact with oneself at the same time. Under the conditions of high expectance and time pressure, we often notice a lack of energy. Senior managers and executives above all need sufficient resource- and solution oriented support, which they often do not get to the extent which their position demands.

Problems arise e.g. when we try to manage things on our own in spite of feeling overstrained by excessive demands, and when we think we have to hide these feelings. Or when we are under pressure in a situation which does not leave any leeway to cope with this pressure. Or if our mental and emotional stability is worn out, and we still keep going.

Coaching helps to see the solution behind the problems, and how to get there more easily. Coaching provides the space where you can regard your own person. Coaching creates the lucidity of how to be your own best friend even in tricky situations.

• find your orientation, to define your goals and to develop new strategies
• reflect on projects as well as their context
• identify and develop your individual potentials
• enhance your professional and social competence
• analyze your structural deficits, and draft compensating measures
• a resource- and solution-oriented approach
• appropriate crisis and stress management
• reduction of psychological strain, prevention of burnout

Coaching provides options like:

Senior managers often discretely take up coaching to clarify difficulties and delicate factual issues with a neutral partner. The coach offers a sustainable and matter-of-factly relationship, gives genuine feedback and proposes new multidisciplinary perspectives. He may be the only human being to which fears and weaknesses are revealed. So coaching offers a safe space to executives and other people acting in public where they may recover mentally and allow themselves to reflect.

Coaching for employees is a service for corporations and organizations, where professional support for staff members is an integral aspect of corporate culture. This type of coaching provides assistance for employees in situations of professional change, in their career management, and in unfolding their full potential at work. Practically oriented, the employees receives support in analyzing and resolving the problem areas of their specific job situation. The dialogue with the coach focusses on strengthening the employee's resources, inspiring new perspectives, and supporting personality development in areas that are relevant to the job situation. In the coaching process, the employee is encouraged to take concrete steps to transfer the newly emerging skills into the company.

Personal Coaching offers you professional support and orientation to come to terms with intricate and changing life situations, in which frequently far-reaching decisions have to be made and burdensome experience hast to be handled. It helps you to develop personal and social competence, new ways of thinking, adequate and promising behavior patterns. Within the frame of reorganizing your own life plan you may be encouraged to express your ideas and your wishes and to reintegrate the quality in your life that has been missing.

Coaching for team partners, who want to improve their relationships and to put them on a sound basis. By learning to communicate in a new way, they perceive and appreciate each other more. Just like in the case of life-partners or lovers deeper understanding of the other enhances the magic of a relationship, in the case of team partners the coaching process increases efficiency by improving cooperation. In Team Coaching you learn how your relationships may work better. You may also become aware of how you unconsciously prevented them to function. It is only when we get to know who the team partners really are, we can enjoy and use the synergy effects in the team.

People working in various areas providing human services often suffer from a great deal of psychological strain. Supervision in an individual or in a group setting offers a task-oriented external perspective which supports them to process this stress, to reflect on their professional doings, to develop new behavior patterns and to use their own resources in an optimal way.

Since I dispose of a long-standing experience as a therapist I also offer case supervision to psychotherapists to foster the expansion of their professional skills.

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