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Questions concerning my Work Approach

Since 1984 I have been mainly working as a freelance therapist running an office of my own. Over the years and in more than 30.000 hours of professional experience the self-assuredness, confidence and experience have increased, and this contributes to the benefit you will get from working with me. For more details see section On Myself

My methodical background comprises elements of Radix body- and breathing therapy, of IMAGO Couple Therapy, of Gestalt, of Analytic Body-centered Psychotherapy, Systemic Individual- Couple- and Family Therapy, of Transpersonal Psychotherapy and of Integral Human Design. I keep learning - out of a deep personal interest, and because all therapists in Austria are legally bound to do so.

Because of the diversity of my experience I have ceased to abide by one method only. I apply a synthesis of all methods I have come to be familiar with. And above all I work with YOU, with the human being that sits in front of me seeking advice on his/her very specific issue, with his/her very specific history and life situation, with his/her own unique way of speaking, thinking, feeling and acting.

I hope that my website can answer this question extensively. To put it in a nutshell I state that I have gathered professional experience over 35 years and applied many different approaches to therapy and personality development. From this point of view I can see the advantages and disadvantages of every method and I do not wear one 'set of spectacles' only but try to view you from many different angles. This enhances the chance that we both will not overlook anything essential in you.

„If your only tool is a hammer every problem looks like a nail.“ ~ Paul Watzlawick

To my mind body work should be an integral part of every kind of psychotherapy because your psyche dwells in your body - you cannot look at or treat one without the other. If we have a problem it usually manifests on both levels. This is why I consider it useful to work with both. By this combined approach we prevent the shift of symptoms from one sphere to the other.

This blend of methods which I offer is usually called body centered psychotherapy or body psychotherapy. For more details click on Work approach.

First because it works out well, and secondly because it is a useful and helpful tool for my clients. I have experienced how invaluable it is for people to see what type of person they are. A few facets of our personality are determinate, and it would be a waste of time and money to go about change in unalterable areas. In short, I use IntegralHumanDesign (IHD) because it is very important to concentrate on those areas where we have the choice to really change something, where work is worthwhile and where we may optimize our lives.

For me, IHD is a multi-dimensional tool to help reflect on various themes and developmental possibilities that we have as human beings, and that are relevant in coaching and therapy. IHD is a kind of mind map, or checklist, of important themes and issues. The personal IHD Evaluations are a comprehensive and descriptive map, full of pointers to an imprint we brought along into our life.

My integral view of our human design (IHD) goes far beyond the confines of the Human Design System (HDS). Above all, I include a detailed understanding of our human brain, because the structures and functions of our brain provides an important basis for how we construct our perspective and empirical reality. I also refer to the Integral Approach, which to my knowledge is the most comprehensive map of human possibilities that is available at the time being.
Questions re. Intake Interview, Fees, and Cancellation

Ultimately, the total costs are much more significant than the rate by the hour. Only after we worked together for a few sessions and can estimate your speed of change, we can come up with a tentative appraisal of total costs.

I work very efficiently due to the 35+ years of professional experience, and I am a proven expert for getting to the heart of the matter rather quickly. Consequently, duration of therapy is often brief for my clients, and total costs are lower than with less experienced colleagues or long-time therapy. Therefore my fees range in the upper price segment.

In case of treatment that meets the social insurance laws, the health insurance companies refund approx. € 22-50 per session. The fees for psychotherapy are partly tax-deductible in Austria (see below).


Yes. An interview at my office is tantamount to a regular therapy or coaching session. Not only may you find out for yourself whether you like and trust me, but you also get an example of how I work with you. For this professional service you will be billed the same amount as for the sessions to come. You do have the choice to leave my office after five or ten minutes when you do not feel comfortable with me. In this case you will not be charged any fee.

If you meet the ASVG (German abbr. for ‘general social insurance law’) requirements for psychotherapy, i.e. if you have a disorder that is classified as „disease“ by the ICD-10 key of diagnosis you may apply for a refund at you health insurance company. In the interview we can assess whether this is the case. At present the health insurance companies refund approx. between € 22 and € 50 per session. This holds true for the intake interview also.

In Austria, costs for psychotherapy are tax-deductible within the frame of 'exceptional liability' (Aussergewöhnliche Belastung’), with a remaining patient's contribution of 6 to 12%, depending on your income.

Coaching fees are tax-deductibe in most cases. Self-employed persons can deduct them as 'advanced training' ('Fortbildung') in their tax declaration. Employees can deduct them as 'work related deductions' ('Werbungskosten') in their employee's assessment ('Arbeitnehmerveranlagung'). For details please consult your tax accountant.

For a company, coaching is a normal purchase of consultancy service.

If you have to cancel an appointment, I urge you to let me know asap. Cancellation is free of charge when you email me no later than 48 hours before our appointment. After that, the fee is charged, because usually then it is difficult to allocate the appointment to somebody else.

Answers to questions concerning psychotherapy in general - for people who are looking for some basic information about psychotherapy - are available here.

If you want to address other questions ahead of our first session, please email me. Thank you.


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