During the CoV crisis I remain available to the people who need my support.

Current information about psychotherapy and couple therapy during the Covid 19 crisis:

The provision of psychotherapy and couple therapy is particularly important in times of crisis and is therefore excluded from shutdown regulations. It is currently permitted to come to my office and seek necessary psychotherapeutic help. In case this changes I will announce it immediately on this page.

In accordance with the current recommendations and regulations of the Ministry of Social Affairs (BMSGPK) and our professional association, I currently offer
two options for psychotherapy and couple therapy:
1. sessions in my
office, and
2. sessions via internet/telephone (usually via
Please let me know which option you prefer.

1. Sessions in my office

Unless otherwise agreed, we will meet for the next appointment in my
office. The sessions will happen in strict compliance with the known safety and hygiene measures.

The office has a large waiting room, and usually there is enough space to keep distance from other people. Please enter the office wearing a mask. Then go to the toilet (1st door on the left) first to
wash your hands.
Then I welcome you with a shot of antiviral hand disinfectant instead of shaking your hand. I disinfect door buckles, armrests and glasses after every session, and the office is well ventilated every hour, and also during our session. While we work we can easily keep a distance of 2 meters. Currently we need to wear an FFP2 mask (even if this naturally restricts non-verbal communication, which is an important part of the work).

Stopp Corona app is installed and active on my mobile phone.

I am
fully vaccinated (2 doses of Pfizer) since April 17, 2021, I test myself regularly, and I move between my office and my home mostly by bike or by foot to keep my health up.

2. Sessions via internet / phone

As an alternative to sessions in my practice, I now also offer sessions via
Zoom and, if necessary, via Skype, Facetime or phone. I already have been working with these media for many years with international clients, and my experience has always been good.

Sessions in this form avoid the risk of infection for you, me and all of us, and thus contribute to our joint efforts to slow down the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

I look forward to meeting you online at our appointment should you decide to take this option. I will send you a
Zoom link by email shortly before the meeting. If for any reason we are not working via Zoom, please send me your Skype Name or the phone number you want to use for Facetime some time before the session - thank you!

I recommend that a few minutes before our appointment and for the duration of our Zoom, Skype or Facetime session, you go to a place where you are
undisturbed and have good internet access.
I will always be available by phone at the time of your appointment in case you need help connecting via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.
If you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss before your appointment, please contact me.

I wish you and your loved ones good health!

Best wishes,
Werner Pitzal

Facetime, Phone:
+43 676 3138806
Skype Name: wernerpitzal


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