To restore your sense of well-being and to optimize the quality of your life you first and foremost need three things:

• Healing and letting go of the past which has been limiting your physical and mental potential
• Developing and reinforcing a way of life that supports your health, your feeling of happiness, your inner peace and your joy of life
• Sustainable contact with humans who facilitate items one and two.

My work is based on contact of the above kind. I offer it from a highly professional level in a safe and very personal face-to-face setting, or on Zoom (video conference). I work in German and English, and also this website is available in both languages.
I am a calm, affectionate, alive and loving person, perceptive and precise, with deep feelings and a great deal of curiosity. I am deeply committed to my work and to the people who come to me, for I know from my own experience how much courage it takes to reveal oneself and to be willing to find one’s own truth and I gladly support you in finding this courage.

My personal as well as my professional experience and my character structure enable me to understand people to the core. I use my intuition more than I resort to techniques, because techniques follow a formula and every human seeking my advice is fundamentally unique. In the course of time methods or techniques have come to form a background which is always there as a sound basis for empathic processes.

I can only be successful if there is a good rapport between you and me, if you feel recognized and accepted in your uniqueness. This is why I focus on this aspect. Healing and development more often emanates from ‘being’ rather than from ’doing’.

I do not use one certain method only, because each method has its limitations and its blind spots. There is no method which brings about the solution (otherwise there would not be so many) but you are the solution and my work is to give guidelines how you put this certainty into practice.

When I talk to you I like to use simple words and clear practicable images as a means of transferring energy because it is vital to find one’s way out of an intricate problem towards the solution which usually has a far simpler structure.
The approach of the Coaching practice and the ideas of Educational Therapy (giving clear feedback and practical information about your being and your nature) have been most pertinent to my work style. I provide you with knowledge on yourself and implements so that you may shape your life as it was meant to be.

I use a compound of three basic elements which address body and mind alike:

• Psychotherapy - to heal the injuries of the psyche and to untangle mental knots
• Body work - for the muscles to relax and for the breath to flow freely
• Integral Human Design - to see how you can live with the least possible resistance and frustration and understand what your life is all about - beyond the problems which have lead you into my practice

Each of these approaches is helpful in itself and the synergy of the three is even more helpful. Psychotherapy in itself enables you to look at things differently - but often feelings are released which the body cannot process sufficiently.

Bodywork per se lets you process your feelings and regain your well-being - but very often you cannot hold this state, as long as the confining beliefs in your mind have not dissolved. Therapy itself helps you to solve your problems but does not answer the question who you really are and what your life is all about.

Integral Human Design helps you to answer these questions - but without the process centered support of coaching or psychotherapy you may not be able to integrate all this information into your every day life.

In the following I will put my psychotherapeutic work approach into a scientific frame:

Essentially psychotherapy means to heal by a sustainable relationship between humans in which body (the sensations), the psyche (feelings) and the mind (thoughts) are addressed in their full truth and in their correspondence with each other.

Within the frame of my psychotherapeutic practice I offer an integrative approach of body oriented, analytic, systemic and transpersonal psychotherapy in which, depending on the needs of the client, the focus either rests on the cognitive level or on the somatic one.

I consider these levels to be fundamentally and essentially connected to the source of our energy (to the “Radix” = ‘root’) and my work is based on a holistic and humanistic idea of man which places symptoms and problems in the context of personal development as well as of past and present relationships.

These are the reasons why by attitude as well as practically I work with the whole person and his/her complete organism which - in the true sense of the word - embodies the mental, emotional, social and spiritual life.

I support and foster inner self-regulating physical processes as well as the perception of oneself in the here and now and the acknowledgement of the 'outer' reality.

It may be necessary for the clients to become conscious of the alienated parts of their personalities and to let them become integrated parts of themselves.
In order to support and attend you efficiently I resort to
• my knowledge of analytic developmental psychology as well as of the pathological variants of development. I dispose of knowledge of various patterns of conflict which have remained unsolved from childhood. I am aware of specific (chronic) splitting mechanisms and the mental and physical tensions which go along with them.
• my reflective understanding of a healthy human development, my intuition and perceptive abilities and last not least to many years of professional experience.
• the clear-cut information on the 'true self' (Winnicott) and to the reliable potential of the client, as it becomes manifest in the Integral Human Design analysis and
• the possibilities of human development which lie in tangible therapeutic interventions as well as in a good and abiding therapeutic relationship.

I work with the manifold natural coherence between

• the phenomena of psychodynamic processes (such as transference, counter transference, defensive or creative regression as well as with different manifestations of resistance and defense mechanisms.
• the organismic signs of the vegetative flow, of overcharge, undercharge, energetic blockades, integrative pulsation and the developmental steps of self regulating life functions, as they are natural.
• the resources and the solution strategies which clients are in possession of already or which they have elaborated in their lives
• the possibilities of solution, which the body- and here-and-now centered utilization brings forth
• supportive information from the Integral Human Design analysis on the customized natural and thus ideal ways of functioning and on the client’s core strategies.
My competence and my perceptive faculty keep unfolding, primarily because I keep learning with and from the people I work with.


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© 2014 Werner Pitzal • A-1140 Wien, Diesterweggasse 2/7 • +43 676 3138806 • email


© 2014 Werner Pitzal • A-1140 Wien, Diesterweggasse 2/7 • +43 676 3138806 • email

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© 2014 Werner Pitzal • A-1140 Wien, Diesterweggasse 2/7 • +43 676 3138806 • email


© 2014 Werner Pitzal • A-1140 Wien, Diesterweggasse 2/7 • +43 676 3138806 • email


© 2014 Werner Pitzal • A-1140 Wien, Diesterweggasse 2/7 • +43 676 3138806 • email

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